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A lot can happen in ten years

Yesterday at work I heard about a co-worker who was working from home this week because one of his young children had RSV. That’s very scary stuff for a parent. Amanda and I had a scary experience with that when our oldest was barely a year old. It wasn’t the only scary thing going on at the time either.

RootsTech 2016 Classes-DNA

I attended a couple of great classes at RootsTech as well. The Salt Palace is a really big place, so after the keynotes the schedule allows for four classes with ample downtime to walk to the next class or visit the expo hall. I even had time to go to lunch with a friend who works downtown.

RootsTech 2016 Keynotes

Yesterday, I attended RootsTech 2016. It’s a family history conference, sponsored by the major online family history sites such as, and a long list of others. My church passionately encourages us to be involved in family history work. I enjoyed it! The keynotes were great, and I learned about a ton of new stuff.

Hello Friends

This is my second attempt at maintaining a blog. But the first attempt was just for my scouts.

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