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Problem: Family link child controls cannot be assigned to a Fi phone when that phone is associated with the parent’s google account.


How does one spell privilege, anyway? Sometimes I want to add a ‘d’ to give it a little more drudgery.

Create Docker Endpoint in Azure Devops with VSTeam

Yesterday I wrote Create a Custom Endpoint in Azure Devops with VSTeam. You’ll need some of the scripts from that project for today’s post.

Create Custom Endpoint in Azure Devops with VSTeam

I’m very happy to have found the vsteam Powershell module on GitHub. At work we have a custom application to provision resource groups in Azure, but for my home projects it’s powershell all the way. I’ve seen some other modules, but vsteam has a very clean implementation. It’s great stuff.

My Dad: Request for Uplifting Notes

I am very excited to ask for your help! If my dad or one of his children or grandchildren has done something that blessed your life or brought you joy, will you please send one of us a note about it? We’d like to read him the notes this week.

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