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My Dad: Request for Uplifting Notes

I am very excited to ask for your help! If my dad or one of his children or grandchildren has done something that blessed your life or brought you joy, will you please send one of us a note about it? We’d like to read him the notes this week.

FamilySearch GEDCOM Export

Today I was able to export my ancestry from Family Search into GEDCOM format, and then import it into Family Tree DNA. I only exported seven generations back, which was far enough to encompass both my last confidently known paternal and maternal ancestors. I am so grateful for the countless hours of work done by many people to make the family tree available, as well as to make the export possible. Truly, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Artifactory Prune Report

My team uses Artifactory as our binary repository. If you’re reading this, you probably use it too. It has this neat ability to prune unreferenced data. An admin feature to be grateful for when needed, but the fact that you need it means something’s busted in a bad way.

Patchfunding Route Printing

If you’ve ever tried using the default “Print Donor Cards” function from the patchfunding unit dashboard, you’ve probably noticed that it generates a giant single pdf file. This would be nice, except that the cards are sorted alphabetically by last name, not by routes. This makes the pdf file very difficult to use. Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

Patchfunding Setup

This post covers first-time setup of records on Once you have every address imported, it’s fairly smooth sailing. The end result is to have an Excel workbook with several sheets, and have these imported into patchfunding.

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