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Patchfunding Route Printing

If you’ve ever tried using the default “Print Donor Cards” function from the patchfunding unit dashboard, you’ve probably noticed that it generates a giant single pdf file. This would be nice, except that the cards are sorted alphabetically by last name, not by routes. This makes the pdf file very difficult to use. Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

Patchfunding Setup

This post covers first-time setup of records on Once you have every address imported, it’s fairly smooth sailing. The end result is to have an Excel workbook with several sheets, and have these imported into patchfunding.

Make Patchfunding Work For You

I served for eighteen months as a Chartered Organization Representative for our local scout troop. Our troop is part of the Great Salt Lake Council, which uses for administering the annual Friends of Scouting drive. These drives happen all across the nation, but patchfunding appears to only be used by three councils. The application could definitely use a little ‘fit and finish’, but all the key components are there.

Family Letter April 2016

The thing I enjoyed most about March was Easter. Not so much bunnies and baskets, but visiting families. Easter is a celebration of spring, of newness of life. That must be why bunnies are involved. They are proliferate! But more importantly, Easter is about the death and resurrection, three days later, of Jesus Christ. I believe that because Jesus Christ was resurrected, all people will be resurrected.

Family Letter March 2016

One of the great traditions I inherited when I married Amanda has been family letters. Amanda’s relatives on her father’s side of the family have lived all across the country but have always managed to stay close. Each family writes a monthly letter and sends a copy to her aunt, who copies them and sends the set of letters out to all members of the family. They’ve been doing this since long before Facebook.

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